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18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply

18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply

    • 18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply
    • 18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply
    • 18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply
    • 18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply
  • 18VDC,1A POE Switching Power Adapter & Supply

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Model Number: POE-A1801

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    Detailed Product Description
    Output Voltage: 18V Output Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Output Current: 1A Output Power: 1 - 50W
    Output Type: Single Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
    Transmission Rate:: 10M/100Mbps Protocol Standard:: Non-IEEE802.3



    POE (Power Over Ethernet) is a technology solution that, under the case of no any change for current Ethernet Cat5 wiring/cabling infrastructure, not only transfer data signal but also provide direct current power for some IP based terminal device (like IP telephony, Wireless LAN access point, Network camera, etc.).

    POE technology can minimize the cost while ensuring the normal operation of the existing network and the safety of the existing structured cabling.

    POE adapter provide a power solution for the related device, it can supply power and simultaneously be a media for data transfer in anywhere there is a cat5 cable.


    POE principle (power over network cable)

    There are 4 pairs of twisted pair for the standard CAT5 network cable, but there are only 2 pairs ones are adapted/applied in 10M BASE-T and 100M BASE-T. IEEE802.3 allows two solutions, when power delivered through free pin, PIN 4&5 connect positive”+”, PIN 7&8 connect negative”-”, while power delivered through data pin, add DC power on the central point of the transmission transformer, without affecting the data transfer. In this case, pin 1&2 and pin 3&6 are at any polarity. IEEE802.3 standard will not allow above two applications happen at the same time. The PSE(Power Source Equipment) provide only one power solution, but the PD(Powered Device) must be adapted to above two application solutions at the same time.


    Benefits of POE

    1. Cost saving. As it’s just one instead of two pieces of net cable for the installation. PD, in most cases, are installed at where is hard to access AC power. Along with increasing device connected to Ethernet, if there is no need to provide local power for device, it will greatly reduce the cost of installation and simplify the management.

    2. It’s easy to install and manage. It allows users to use original device and POE device together on internet automatically and safely, which make rooms for original device coexist with Ethernet cable.

    3. It’s safety. As POE supply terminal device just provide power for those device that need power. The Ethernet cable will generate voltage only when it’s connected between POE and Powered Device, so it have eliminated the dangerous of power leakage on cable line.

    4. It’s easy to manage network equipment.


    General Specification:


    Input:AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

    Output:DC18V, 1A; 18W


    Key Feature:

    1. Good anti-interference performance, high reliability

    2. Low DC ripple, high efficiency, low standby power consumption, lower heating value, natural cooling, long service life

    3. Broad input voltage range (100-240VAC), conform to multinational use standard.

    4. Excellent insulating performance, higher dielectric strength

    5. Good load capacity, constant current & constant voltage, wider adaptive range, over-voltage protection for input and output, short-cut protection, over-current protection.

    6. The shell is made of flame resisted engineering plastic, which greatly improve the equipment using safety

    7. Transmission Distance: Max.100 meters (CAT 5 or better cable). It specifically depends on the quality of network cable, supply voltage and adaptability of power device for voltage. The higher quality of network cable, the voltage drop will be less, and the effective power distance will be further accordingly.



    Direct Feeding=Plug and supplying power, supplying power directly without advanced detection for Power Device (PD)



    Output Power:


    Min. Load

    Max. Load

    Peak Current

    Output Power

    18 VDC

    0 A

    1.0 A

    1.0-1.2 A

    18 W


    Loading Characteristics/Regulation:


    Min. No-Load


    Max. No-Load


    Line Regulation

    Load Regulation

    18 VDC


    19.85 V




    Technical Specification

    Input Voltage/Frequency

    AC100-240V; 50-60Hz

    Input Adjusting Range

    AC90-264V; 47Hz~63Hz

    Output Voltage/Current

    18V, 1A; 18W

    Line Regulation


    Load Regulation


    Reset Function

    default non-resettable, it’s optional

    DC Output Broadband Noise Voltage

    3.4kHz~150kHz ≤50mv

    Network Port Mark

    Data & Power Out=Power pin (4/5 “+” & 7/8 “-”) + Data pin (12/36)

    Data In=Data pin (12/36)

    Transmission Rate


    LED Power Indicator

    Green Color;

    Indicator On: Power in normal working condition;

    Indicator Off: Power supply failure;

    Note: When the power in normal working condition, after connecting network cable, the indicator off means it’s in over-load protection or shortcut status, it should be the requiring power of powered device is too high, network cable is shortcut or the powered device is broken.

    System Reliability


    Operating Environment

    Operating/Ambient Temperature: -15℃~50℃

    Relative Humidity: 5%~90%RH

    Operating and Storing Place: Ventilation and heat dissipation, Clean, No conductive dust, No corrosive gas

    Place of No dangerous of explosion

    Safety Assurance

    Conducted Emission(CE) and Radiated Emission(RE) compliant with EN60950, CE, FCC standard


    84mm×47mm×54mm;  90g

    Power Plug Specs

    EU/US/UK/AU Plug are available

    Lightning Protection

    AC Input can stand 5 times positive & negative 5KV, 8/20uS instantaneous current wave, lasting 1 minutes each time. The lightning protection circuit of the power adapter have invalidation alarming function and protective components like glass protective tube


    This is ordinary switching power supply, great protective performance, superior stability and adaptability connecting with power device, its scope of application include security surveillance, wireless access point, electrical machine, communication equipment, health care products and those POE supported equipment.


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