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POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)

POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)

    • POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)
    • POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)
    • POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)
  • POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Model Number: POE-IJ806

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    Delivery Time: 3-30days
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    Detailed Product Description
    Input Voltage: 5-52VDC Output Current: Max. 2000mA
    Output Power: 1 - 50W Output Type: Single
    Type: DC/DC Converters

    Passive POE Combiner (Injector and Splitter) is also called Multiplexer, Simple type POE injector


    General Specification:

    Power Supply Mode: Direct Feeding=Plug and supplying power, supplying power directly without advanced detection for Power Device (PD)­; Support 100M network transmission

    ­­Input voltage: DC 5-52V

    Input Current: Depends on connected device

    Output voltage: It is equal to input voltage

    Output Current: Max. 2000mA (Depends on adopted power adapter)


    Product Description

    POE related products transfer the Vcc and GND via two pairs of 8 lines in UTP, it transfer data while delivering power, reliable product, easy to install. The terminal at AP connected network only via a RJ45 network cable, delivering data and power at the same time, it’s easy to manage.


    Power Status Indicating Function

    We add a function “Power Status Indicating” on POE module, and deploy an “AP Active” LED indicator on the front panel, it indicates whether the AP is powered by the POE device, which make convenience for technician engineers to see if POE and AP are working properly when they are setting up the network in installation.


    Reduce cost of device and management

    As AP usually require uninterrupted power source/supply (UPS), all AP will be powered protectively by only one UPS towards POE device terminal, which will greatly reduce the cost of network construction. Employing POE device will reduce the quantity of fitted UPS, which avoid the allocating of power sockets beside each AP, finally greatly reduce the cost of device and management.


    Current Limiting Function

    Current limitation in each POE and power surge absorption on voltage are also available, which come together ensuring reliable power quality, reducing customers’ investing money as much as possible,  maximizing the security assurance of AP equipment, etc.


    Customizable POE module

    Large bulk capacitance and various superior quality device are adopted in our module product, which ensuring its working stability and high dielectric strength. AP in different specification will be powered in different voltage range (±5V, ±12V, ±24V and ±48V) accordingly.

    Different input voltage (± 5V, ± 12V, ± 24V, ± 48V) are supported for various specifications of AP accordingly.)



    It’s compatible with Intel PRO 2011, CISCO 350/1200, AGERE AP-2000, Colubris CN3000/30 and other mainstream/popular/alternative AP.


    Primary Characteristics

    This series of POE module is a power source equipment base on providing power supply for wireless AP (Access Point) via UPT (Unshielded Twisted Pair) network cable

    Easy and simply to install, It can be easily fixed on wall by self-tapping screw, it also can be easy to be fixed on wall via double faced adhesive tape if no fly-lead; It requires not necessary professional knowledge of POE module for operator to install quickly.

    It provides better solution for power supply, and save the cost by providing handy installation instead of unnecessary wiring in complex surrounding environment.

    No need power sockets allocated nearby AP, improve the flexibility of network arrangement, greatly simplifies the installation and allocation of wireless network, directly provide power supply for wireless AP via network cable, provide a good solution for installing AP in where there is no power supply.

    Superior quality components and many/a number of steady flow circuit allocated in product come together ensuring the stability and reliability of equipment working.


    Technical Specification

    Power Input


    Power Consumption

    Full Load: 15.4W or 35W

    Output Current

    Max. 2000mA

    LED Indicator

    LED indicator is availably set on power that displays working status

    LED Indicator: Power Indicator, POE Power Indicator; There are Blue and Green two colors optional for LED indicator

    Ethernet Cable

    TIA/EIT568 Cat.5 or Cat.5e

    Data Rate


    Port Terminal

    RJ45 Shielding Port

    DC Port: Connect power adapter;

    In “+”; Out “-”, 5.5mm×2.1mm;

    Adaptive voltage range: DC5V~52V;

    The transfer distance of power and data affected directly by the size of current

    Category 5 pins

    POE=POWER (Pin 45 “+”, Pin 78 “-“) + DATA (Pin 12/36)

    LAN=DATA (Pin 12/36)

    Power Supply

    DC input=Power Adapter

    5V Power adapter, POE transfer distance Max. 10m;

    9V, 12V or 15V Power adapter, POE transfer distance Max. 30m;

    24V Power adapter, POE transfer distance Max. 80m;

    48V Power adapter, POE transfer distance Max. 100m.

    Environmental Requirement

    Operating Temperature:-10℃~50℃

    Storage Temperature:-40℃~70℃

    Operating Humidity:10%~80% RH

    Storage Humidity:5%~90% RH

    Operating and Storing Place: Ventilation and heat dissipation, Clean, No conductive dust, No corrosive gas

    Place of No dangerous of explosion

    Lightning Protection

    AC Input can stand 5 times positive & negative 5KV, 8/20uS instantaneous current wave, lasting 1 minutes each time. The lightning protection circuit of the power adapter have invalidation alarming function and protective components like glass protective tube

    Dimension/ Weight

    58×28×24mm; 0.03KG

    Standard Packing

    PC thin film bag; 40pcs/box, 400pcs/carton

    Safety Assurance

    Conducted Emission(CE) and Radiated Emission(RE) compliant with EN60950, CE, FCC standard

    Quality Control

    All power supplies produced by original factory, ensuring the quality of high bandwidth transmission, 100% full inspection before delivery.


    Scope of application: VoIP, Security surveillance, Wireless Access Point, Network Bridge, POE Network Switch, POE related equipment.

    Passive POE

    POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)

    Wireless Access Point usually be restricted by the power access, which will not give play to its flexible network arrangement, Power over Ethernet towards wireless device that in a way improve the situation, TP-LINK wireless AP support Passive PoE, users can find a power access point to make convenience for wireless networking.


    POE Combiner Connecting Diagram:

    POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)


    The power adapter should meet the power consumption of Powered Device and required transmission distance 

    The following connecting solution apply to POE Device (network device that power directly by POE function that plug and supplying power)

    POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)


    The following connecting solution apply to Non-POE network device

    The following two POE convertors work as combiner and splitter of Power& Data separately


    POE-IJ806 Power Over Ethernet Adapter, POE Injector/Splitter (LED)

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